A Literary History of Chocolate: Coming Soon!

‘Chocolate is…the best friend of those engaged in literary pursuits.’

– Justus von Liebig

On the 23rd of September, we will be giving a public lecture as part of Durham University’s Late Summer Lecture Series. Our Literary History of Chocolate will be a whistle-stop tour of sumptuous highlights in literature from several continents. We will explore themes of colonial exploitation; the association of cocoa with extravagant luxury and desire; and cosmopolitanism. We will visit Alexander Pope’s London, the Venetian literary cafes of the eighteenth century, Joyce’s Dublin, and García Márquez’s Colombia.

We would love to hear your ideas about this topic. If you know a literary or imaginative text which features chocolate, please let us know and we will do our best to incorporate your ideas into our lecture! We would also love to see you at the lecture in September. But if you don’t live near Durham (hello to all our readers from India, Jordan, China, Australia, the USA…) the lecture will be available on podcast soon after.

The Literary Kitchen would like to hear from you…

We are planning the menu for the coming months at the Literary Kitchen and we’re getting really excited about what we are going to make! Watch this space for our thoughts on E.M. Forster, Toni Morrison, Jack Kerouac and much more.

But we also want to hear from you. Do you have any suggestions for food or books you would like to see featured on this page? Comment below to let us know your ideas!