2 more hints..

We have decided to give you two more hints to guess our next recipe..

* raisins go in it (as well as pecans)

* it is a Christmas recipe!

For your chance to get some nice, mysterious baked good in the post this Christmas 🙂



6 thoughts on “2 more hints..

    1. Hello Katie,

      Thanks for stopping by and trying to guess our new mysterious recipe! Sadly, it is not a whiskey cake, but would you like to try a second guess? It is most definitely a cake, and typical of this time of the year.. It includes the ingredients in the picture as well as lots of other stuff! 😉

      Also, thanks for following us too! We hope you like our blog 🙂


  1. I think it is going to be a variation on the Kentucky Bourbon cake (despite the Scotch whisky in the photo!). With a possible literary reference to Horton Foote’s ‘Farewell’…? If this is correct than a piece will have to be sent to Google!


    1. Hello Joanna,

      both you and Katie are VERY close – it not a whiskey cake, not a bourbon pecan cake, but it is possibly a more ‘classic’ version of the two cakes. Hope this helps a bit! We won’t be talking about Horton Foote (we did find the recipe online!), but someone else equally from the ‘American South’… And it is OK not to guess the author, just guess the cake! 🙂

      Thanks a lot for trying, and maybe give it a second try? 😉 and thank you for stopping by!!


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