Nico and Amy’s Literary Competition

For all our literary friends, and whisky lovers perhaps, we are launching our first Literary Kitchen competition!

With the next recipe coming soon, we’d like you to guess which one we’ll be making! We’ll give you two hints/ingredients: whisky and pecan nuts. (Pecan nuts should hopefully tell you where this recipe is from!!) The first person guessing the recipe will be shipped a bite of our finished product (and so this is another hint… it’ll be something post-able!), and in return we’d love it if you could leave us a comment on our blog to say what you thought of it 🙂

Since this is our first attempt at a competition, we will limit this to Europe-based participants, but watch this space for the next competition which we are hoping to extend to all our American/Asian friends!

Just comment below to tell us what you think the secret recipe may be! 🙂Whisky&Pecans_019editCOPYRIGHT

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